Carleton U Gym Hides Scales In Effort To Improve Body Image

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Gymnasium users at Ottawa’s Carleton University didn’t find any weight scales when they came for their weekend workout, CTV News reports.

The university in Canada’s capital was apparently hoping that not knowing the awful truth about weight gain was a way to have students and faculty focus on positive body image.

Carleton, home of Canada’s best-known journalism school, had its student newspaper investigate the vanishing scales and discovered that a sign in the corner of the gym that indicated the scales had been removed “in keeping with current fitness trends.”

“There are other alternatives to measure the success that were more accurate than just weighing themselves,” said Carleton wellness program manager Bruce Marshall to CTV Ottawa.

But many students are fed up with another bit of political correctness in their academic backyard.

They decided to mock the decision as one meant to appease a minority of casual fitness buffs who are offended by any suggestion that they might be overweight.

The responses have been pouring into social media.

Reddit user Bernie Leadon expressed his disbelief: “Great policy. Next up, ban calculators because I’m flunking calculus and seeing them triggers me.”Another post reads: “This idiocy is incredible. I use the scale all the time to track progress. So because people have no coping mechanisms the rest of us have to go without?”Twitter user Aaron Bens offered the following:

@jettevanad holy shit some people go too far though. There has to be a limit to trigger culture.

Or the following post:

@lilyliveredlib as if being a @Carleton_U grad wasn’t already embarrassing enough! 😉

Campus opinion less adamant.”I think it’s a little over the top. Everybody does things their own way. If people want to use the scales, I don’t think they should take them away from them,” said a student who spoke to CTV Ottawa.

“I don’t really understand the reasoning behind it, because I like to know what I weigh,” said another.

The school’s “wellness program” refuses to be budge on the weighty issue.

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