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Hugo Shovelz — Washington Editor Becomes Snowstorm Dictator


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What’s the deal — are British people skeptical of snowfall?

Do they think Americans are sissies when it comes to the white stuff?

Hugo Gurdon, editorial director for The Washington Examiner, has given his reporters a stern warning about Tuesday’s weather. In short: if this is a real blizzard, act accordingly. If not, get your arses into your chairs at the office on time.


The Mirror acquired an internal memo.

I also wrote Gurdon to ask him if British people notoriously question snow and if he believes his reporters will take advantage of the storm.

“All [of] Washington takes advantage of fake snow — a faint dusting closes schools and prompts the wearing of lumberjack boots– except of course our staff, who are very sensible people,” he wrote me by email. “The British don’t believe in snow. Blizzards aren’t uncommon in Britain but cause shock and awe every time, and the country grinds to a halt.”

Here’s the memo: