Bernie Sanders Blamed For Teens Voting Illegally In Wisconsin Primary

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Wisconsin election officials blame the social media posts of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for the numerous instances of minors who voted in the state’s 2016 primary.

According to The Associated Press, a state commission report revealed that as many as 70 teenagers in nearly 30 Wisconsin counties voted illegally in the April election. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary, and Texas Republican Sen Ted Cruz won Wisconsin’s Republican contest.

A number of states permit 17-year-old citizens who will be 18 by Election Day to vote in the primaries, but Wisconsin requires voters to be 18 to vote in their primaries.

The report concluded that “some political campaigns” gave false information about 17-year-olds being able to legally vote in primaries and it sent it out on social media platforms.

Although the report does not name a specific candidate, commissions officials told The AP Tuesday the blame lay primarily with Sanders’ campaign.

Commission Chairman Mark Thomsen told League of Women Voters executive director Andrea Kaminski that Sanders’ national campaign “blurred the differences” in states’ laws in its messaging and “the candidate has to have responsibility for those errors.”

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