Canadian Public Safety Minister Admits Illegals Are ‘Moving’ Out

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale admitted Tuesday that the illegal refugees coming across the U.S. border are “moving to other locations” in Canada.

Goodale made the remarks in Regina, Saskatchewan in response to accusations from the premier of Manitoba that the federal government is “standing by” and doing nothing as refugees stream across the border.

Premier Brian Pallister is urging Goodale to “get closer to the people who are providing the services and he’ll understand how overstretched they are,” he said.

“We’re asking for the federal government to stop standing by while Manitobans do all the work.”

But Goodale suggested the illegals aren’t necessarily Pallister’s problem because “It would appear that a great many are not remaining in Manitoba and, in fact, are moving to other locations,” he said. “So the pressures in terms of housing and other accommodation would actually fall in other communities.

“But we’re following all of this very carefully to be sure that we’ve got what we need to have to cope with this efficiently and safely.”

Pallister’s provincial jurisdiction includes the small border town of Emerson that illegals continue to target as unofficial crossing. Instead of sending the illegals back, the Trudeau government is offering the “asylum seekers” housing, legal aid and other services.

Rather than face deportation, the illegals discover Canada’s welfare state: they are so certain of their “legal right” to stay in Canada that many refugees are actually calling the police to pick them up in order to facilitate their government assistance.

First they receive a medical examination, a blanket and food while they wait. If they need medical care they receive it, free of charge.

Some homeless shelters have been overloaded with refugees while paralegals process their refugee application forms.

The refugees have a full 15 days to submit all documents necessary to finalize their application.

Although asylum seekers technically fail their initial assessment if they have a criminal record, have committed war crimes or pose a security threat, immigration officials are afforded a great deal of latitude in interpreting a “serious crime” or “security threat” and “refugees” are often given the opportunity to justify their status. Some non-governmental organizations are even providing them with legal assistance so they can stay in the country.

Because most of the illegals entering Manitoba are originally from Somalia, they have a better chance of achieving refugee status. Somalia is one of the countries that Canada recognizes as being “war-torn” and its refugees being exempt from deportation.

Pallister first wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking for assistance with the refugees two weeks ago but has received no reply. Many of Trudeau’s critics contend that Trudeau made the refugee crisis a uniquely federal matter when he issued an open invitation to the refugees of the world to “come to Canada” in a Twitter message.

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