Geraldo: Rachel Maddow Now Has The Mantle Of Al Capone’s Vault [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Geraldo Rivera compared MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s overhyped scoop on President Donald Trump’s tax return to his infamous televised Al Capone’s vault incident.

“Rachel Maddow now has the mantle of the Al Capone vault,” Rivera told Fox News host Melissa Francis on Wednesday.

Maddow attracted attention Tuesday night when she tweeted about having President Trump’s 2005 tax returns.

Maddow called the tax return “significant breaking news” and reported on her show that Trump’s 2005 return showed that he made $153 million in 20015 and paid $38 million in taxes.

“I’ll tell you what I did discover was ratings [from the Capone vault reveal] and I think Rachel Maddow will discover ratings inside the empty vault,” Rivera said on Fox News.


Francis pointed out that Rivera didn’t know what was in the vault, yet Maddow knew what she was hyping.

“What did you think about what was inside her vault?” Francis asked him.

“President Trump should get a new tax attorney because he’s paying twice the amount that Mitt Romney paid,” Rivera quipped. “It was so favorable to the president that I thought for a second that he planted it… I would love to be in the situation where I paid 38 million in taxes.”

In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson airing Wednesday night, President Trump called Maddow’s report “a disgrace.”