Navarro: ‘I’m Just Too Old, Jaded And Cynical To Believe In Coincidences In Washington’ [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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Ana Navarro suggested on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Lead” that Breitbart News may be working for President Trump.

While discussing Breitbart’s recently-released audio of Speaker Paul Ryan distancing himself from then-candidate Trump, the Republican strategist said “I guess I’m just too old, jaded and cynical to believe in coincidences in Washington at this point.”


“Look, I think it’s a warning shot across the bow for Paul Ryan,” she continued. “I think that this is Donald Trump, Breitbart, the conservatives sending a message, ‘Hey you know what? Remember when you dumped me? Well I could very well dump you if it doesn’t become convenient.'”

Neither Breitbart nor the Trump administration have given any indication that they are collaborating to send messages to Speaker Ryan.