NYT Opinion Columnist Takes Jab At Ivanka’s Perfume. The Joke’s On Him.

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In Wednesday morning’s New York Times, liberal opinion columnist Frank Bruni wrote an entire piece attacking Ivanka Trump and her influence in the Trump administration. Somewhat inexplicably, Bruni used Ivanka’s highly successful perfume line to frame his argument.

The title of Bruni’s op-ed is “Ivanka Trump’s Bitter Scent.” Apparently, the idea for this framing came from Saturday Night Live’s “most recent episode [which] included a mock commercial in which Ivanka, played by Scarlett Johansson, hawks a new signature fragrance: Complicit.” Nowhere else does Bruni mention any fragrance or scent, save for the last line after drawing attention to the First Daughter’s social media presence. He ends the piece: “And it smells, yes, like complicity.”

Putting aside the bizarre choice to complain about Ivanka Trump by comparing her relationship with her father to a fictional perfume, it is worth noting that the real-life fragrance of Ivanka Trump is her most successful product. Called Eau de Parfum, the scent’s sales skyrocketed after liberals called for a boycott. It seems like Bruni’s piece will do nothing more than draw further attention to this very popular product, which is also available in roller ball form.

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