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Remember When Rachel Maddow Pontificated About Her ‘Devotion To Facts’?

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MSNBC has put out a lot of unintentionally funny promotional ads. There was Melissa Harris-Perry babbling about state ownership of children (take that, Abe Lincoln!), and Keith Olbermann smiling with self-satisfaction at his ability to select just the right verb to yell on TV. But the following is the greatest MSNBC promo of all time.

“News is about stories. It’s about finding all the disparate facts and then… finding their coherence. Doing this right requires rigor and a devotion to facts that borders on obsessive. At the end of the day, though, this is about what’s true in the world.”

Here’s what’s true in the world right now. It’s true that Rachel Maddow promised this:

And it’s true that she then delivered this:

Except it went on twice as long.

Sometimes, no one is talking about a story because it isn’t really a story.

It’s in Rachel Maddow’s own self-interest to learn something from this humiliating debacle. Which is why I’m glad she won’t.