Stop The Bickering On Gorsuch

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Michael McGrady Director of McGrady Policy Research
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From one Coloradoan to another, Neil Gorsuch, keep on the right track to be the next Supreme Court Justice our country desperately needs.

For everyone else (the media, the Beltway, leftists), accept that Gorsuch will be confirmed with a GOP controlled Congress and executive branch and will ascend to the position of Supreme Court Justice. So, in effect, quit the bickering and join in some real civil discourse.

One of the most recent examples of this illogical state of being was when our friends at the New York Times tried to tie Gorsuch to being a pawn to billionaire Philip Anschutz, the owner of several media brands like The Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner. Though I contend that I am not a major fan of Philip Anschutz, the Times coverage clearly exposes how the mainstream media has absolutely nothing substantial on Gorsuch that they could use to block his confirmation.

The “ties” the Times sought to expose is merely documentation that the federal appellate judge from Colorado represented Anschutz and his family of companies as an outside counsel when he worked for a Washington-based law firm. Apparently, Gorsuch’s right to association and private business dealings disqualify him to be a sound, even-hand steward of the law. Figures…

For many of the people presented as the future of the federal government, supported and propped up by President Donald Trump and his administration, Gorsuch serves as one of the primal choices to replace the late and truly missed Justice Antonin Scalia.

Simply put, the push for a constitutional conservative who resembles literalism in interpreting the founding document, like Scalia, on the Supreme Court is a major breath of fresh air in a recovering state of affairs from nearly a decade of liberal cases being handed down. Just because he defies the norms that the society has now come to accept, Gorsuch is allegedly a hateful person who seeks to hurt people. This sentiment derives directly from the hot load of frothy, bloated, social justice warrior poppycock.

For example, Huffington Post’s senior congressional reporter Michael McAuliff cited Senate Democrats, with his own personal flair of course, claiming that Gorsuch is “ideologically out of the mainstream and has, “shown himself to be an activist who protects corporations at the expense of regular people.”

Wow. To make your skin crawl even more, McAuliff cited Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other grotesque members of the upper house of Congress claiming that Gorsuch harms people with his legal work and beliefs.

“As a judge, Neil Gorsuch repeatedly sided with the powerful against the powerless,” Schumer opined via the aforementioned coverage.

Other efforts have included people coming forth to claim that in his legal tenure, Gorsuch squashed workers’ rights by siding, consistently, with employers in employer-labor disputes. Many of these cases, though, resulted in legal opinions favoring employers based on the grounds, merely, of corporate rights to dictate the outcome of labor disputes via court proceedings. Such things are protected.

Despite all of this, the only thing really preventing a Gorsuch nomination vote by simple majority is the minority party’s ability to filibuster and the nearly impossible task of overtaking the Republican majority with all democrat members plus three GOP members voting down the nomination.

Flipping republicans would be hard though, especially when the more liberal members of the Senate GOP caucus have voiced support for Gorsuch. The nomination vote could come down to party lines giving the judge the nod and opening the gates to the kingdom of the highest judicial body in the land.

In the end, we just need to be realistic. Gorsuch is an exemplary choice, receiving the praise of many of his conservative and liberal peers in the field of law and, in his capacity as a judge, “ruled for, plaintiff and for defendants.”

According to an op-ed ran in The Washington Post, our friend Gorsuch has ruled in favor, “for those accused of crimes as well as for law enforcement; for those who entered the country legally; and for those harmed by environmental damage.”

He is a proven steward of constitutional rights and equal application of the applicable statutes. So, like I said before, accept that Gorsuch will ascend and quit your bickering. Bring some real supporting evidence to the debate rather than the pettiness of the left.