The New McCarthyism: John McCain Accused Me Of Russia Collusion

REUTERS/Mark Makela

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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Senator John McCain is acting more like Senator Joe McCarthy. He is making wild and baseless charges. He is acting with reckless disregard for the facts in some kind of new McCarthyism.

McCain told CNN’s Jake Tapper (AKA Fake Tapper) that I should be hauled in front of the Senate to explain my ties “to Russia and Yanukovych.” (I assume he means Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine.)

I have no relationship with Yanukovych whatsoever, just as I have no relationship with the Russian state, Russian intelligence or any other Russians.

What’s wrong with the Senator? Does he just make this stuff up? Does he have any evidence of my collusion with Russians?

I particularly disappointed by Senator McCain’s recklessness. I supported him for President over George W. Bush in 2000 and helped him win the Florida Primary in 2008. I knew him to be a principled conservative. Now, sadly I think he is cranky, jealous and not a little reckless.

The one and only exchange I had on twitter with a hacker I am now told may be a Russian asset that came to light last week, took place long after the hacking and release of the DNC documents by WikiLeaks, making “collusion” impossible. I was also unaware at the time of the brief exchange  of allegations that the hacker in question is suspected of being a Russian asset.

The entire exchange is released, benign and is ex post facto. Not exactly 007 stuff. No collusion.

More troubling is that the story alleging malfeasance put up by The Smoking Gun is rife with information that could only be learned by surveillance of my domain and eavesdropping on my e-mail, phone calls and texts. If these were obtained through a FISA warrant as I believe and the information was leaked to the The Smoking Gun, that would constitute a felony.

The Intelligence Agencies pushing this false Russian narrative through a series of illegal leaks has hurt my ability to make a living and is soiling my reputation. The government is in possession of no evidence whatsoever that shows that I colluded with the Russian state.

Based on those damages I have retained former US Attorney Kendall Coffey and Attorney Grant Smith Esq to represent me and explore whether I can bring an action  to compel the Government the either charge me or admit they have no case whatsoever. They will also serve as my counsel for any Senate hearing. I stress that I have retained them not for any defensive reason but to help me keep the Government accountable.

I welcome the opportunity to be swear and testify before the any Senate hearing that will have its hearings in public and not behind closed doors. I hope the Senate will be equally vigorous in questioning former CIA Director John Brennan, former  Director of DIN James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch about what they know about the surveillance of the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

Note: I did work for the small pro-Western splinter party of Volydmyr Litwin, a veteran of the Orange Revolution who would later become Speaker of the Rada. We were not allied with or funded by the Party of Regions, the pro-Eastern Party of Yanukovych. We won 20 seats, enough to enter the Rada. It was a low-budget operation.