CNN’s Van Jones STUNNED By DREAMer’s Positive Reaction To A GOP Congressman [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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On CNN’s “The Messy Truth With Van Jones” Thursday night, a young illegal immigrant and a Republican congressman had an exchange that shocked host Van Jones.

The girl asked Jones’s guest, Republican New York Rep. Chris Collins: “What goals, or a future, do you see for ‘DREAMers’ like me who have provided to your economy? In what ways can you help us?”

Collins’ answer was positive and hopeful, which caused Jones to interject.


“How can you say that a young ‘DREAMer’ should not be worried? Listen, I have names,” Jones said. He went on to read off names ‘DREAMers’ who he claimed were deported despite not having criminal records.

After Jones and Collins engaged in a short back-and-forth, Collins’ gave a final summation for the girl.

“Those that are abiding by our laws today, we will be at some point — my hope is this year — figuring out a compromise to give them legal work status in this country, so no one has to worry,” said Collins.

Jones appeared to become frustrated with Collins’ answer and attempted to lure the girl in to helping him make his point.

“Do you feel better now knowing that no ‘DREAMers’ are under threat in this country in any way?” Jones asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Still, Jones persisted, asking her, “You feel better?”

“Yes,” she said again.

“You believe that’s true? That there’s no ‘DREAMers’ being deported?” Jones begged.

The girl smiled and simply said “I hope so.”