The Egalitarian Is The Disease

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Paul H. Yarbrough Freelance Writer
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The concept of equality is the kind of beast that is almost impossible to eliminate: like syphilis, acne and politicians.  It cannot seem to be eradicated. You can read a 1000 articles in the most basic language of the fool’s errand that it is, from some of the most brilliant men, but any given day you will hear someone (usually in the government or its cousin, the media) bray about some equal right or rights or opportunities or whatever they can get attention for.

The idea that the creation has equal items at any level is preposterous. But “preposterous” is too close a synonym to “outrageous,” a word beaten to death, usually through misuse, so that any model of clear thought would pass through modernity’s such as the Schuyler Sisters with their “sister” act: “And crown thy good with brotherhood — and sisterhood.” Today’s commentators affix themselves like ticks to a feral hog to the concept of equality. Something, however, that does not exist — anywhere, ever.

But politicians have to say they believe it because they want votes. And many journalists (you know the ones) blabber it with their coarse syntax and grammatical tilts and affected smiles. Casting their grimaced faces forward as if deep in thought, and say “impact” because they don’t know the difference between effect and affect. Though they know the holy grail of equality.

I cannot think of a single journalist, talk-show host, politician, et al who won’t cling to the magical concept (they believe) of equality. Such nonsense by the above sisterhood, or the generic ones demonstrates this notion. It would be impossible to make these singers and their fans understand that the word brotherhood includes the word sisterhood — anymore that you would convince the “he or she” crowd of the same verdict. Equality of thought breeds equality of thought.  It matters not that such a concept is first, un-Godly, and if there need be a second concept, that would be, irrational.

Where in nature is there any specie, whether, tree, or fowl or fish that have pairs with sameness. Even identical twins have marginal differences.

Jefferson commented more than once that he regretted abbreviating Madison’s original statement in The Virginia Declaration of Rights: “All men are created equally free and independent,” to “All men are created equal.”

The French Revolution with its tripartite motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was a blood-soaked revolution with the murder of thousands because Liberty and Fraternity were rotted into death by association with equality.

Now it is equal health care. As if everyone had equal health; everyone had the same pre-existing condition. Politicians have been selling crap for so long I believe they believe that they can sell us on the prospect that they can keep us living forever.

Everything the government “gives” us takes root and requires some degree of amputation to eliminate.

And always these horrible little bureaucrats plant these seeds of giveaway in the name of that same monster; that same disease; that gangrenous Godzilla of equality. So, don’t be surprised if Obama Care is here in some form to stay. There aren’t enough surgeons in congress