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Daily Vaper Review: The Veco ONE By Vaporesso

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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The Daily Vaper: There simply is no place on the Internet to find all the information a vaper needs when considering whether to buy a specific model. The Daily Vaper is a new series in which we share vape reviews found on YouTube. We give you everything you need to know, all in one place. The video review can be found at the bottom of the article.

The Veco ONE vape kit has all the benefits of starter vaping kits, such as ease of use, lack of mess and simple settings. However, it also has the professional looks not always found with all-in-one vapes. This device is very sleek and small in size, making it perfect for on-the-go usage. This all-in-one kit can be purchased for right under $30. For that price the buyer gets all the parts needed to use it (1x Veco ONE kit with Ceramic EUC pre-installed, 1x Extra Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω EUC coil and 1x USB to micro-USB cable).

Based on the review, it is clear that there are no menu settings. It takes just one button to fire up. The top adjustable airflow allows the user to choose the setting that fulfills his personal desire. The same goes for the wattage which is recommended for use at 35-40W, with either the ceramic or the traditional coil.

The ease of using the Veco ONE and its small size are particularly positive characteristics. This small device makes it a perfect purchase for a new vape user or can be used as a secondary device for a vape professional. On a negative note, the battery life decreases quickly if used constantly, as pointed out in the video review. It would be best to keep the charger or the USB cable close by if you are in fact on-the-go.

Original VAPORESSO VECO One All-in-one Vape Kit — $23.09

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