Trump Recounts Campaign Promises During Rally, But Remains Silent On Comey News

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Donald Trump used campaign-style rhetoric to recount promises he made on the trail — but remained noticeably silent about James Comey’s confirmation that the FBI is investing ties between his campaign and the Russian government — as he addressed the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville Monday night.

(Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

“Somebody from the fake media the other day asked me a question,” Trump said. “They said, ‘How are the Republicans going to finally get together?’ I said, ‘Wait a minute. We won the presidency. We won the House. We won the Senate.’ Actually it was a nice guy that asked the question. We are going to get a lot of things done, and then we are going to get one of my favorite things done: it’s called reducing taxes.”

“Most importantly, we are going to take power back from the political class in Washington, and return that power back to you, the American people. It’s happening. It started on Nov. 8. Remember that beautiful day? For Republicans, the Electoral College was very hard to win. Remember, they said, ‘There is no path to 270.’ Well, it was a path to 306. But the fact is, we inherited a mess.”

“Uncontrolled immigration — you see what’s happening there. That little problem with the courts, not wanting to give us what they should, but we’re going to win it. This place is packed. We could have been watching a good basketball game tonight. What happened? That’s all right. You’ve done a good job. Great team, great coach.”

“We are going to keep all of the promises we made,” he continued. “We are going to massively reduce your taxes. We are going to significantly reduce rising crime, and support the men and women of law enforcement. We are going to bring accountability to the VA, and take great care — finally, finally — of our great veterans. Our secretary, you wouldn’t believe it, because I still don’t have my Cabinet. They won’t approve my Cabinet. There is a lot of division, but David…”

“We are going to rebuild the United States military finally. I’ve proposed a budget that calls for one of the largest increases in defense spending history. And we need it. Got a lot of bad actors out there, folks. That’s time also. And it’s also jobs, because we are going to make this equipment right here in the U.S.A. We believe in three crucial words: peace through strength. We will spend our money wisely. I’ve saved the taxpayers of our country over seven hundred million dollars.”

(Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

“There is another promise that is deeply important to me,” he said. “And I know it is deeply important to you. We are going to put our coal miners back to work. They have not been treated well. The miners are coming back. Since my administration, we have already added half a million new jobs. That’s just the beginning. We are going to be good for business and good for the workers of America.”

“As you folks all know, Henry Clay was a legendary Kentucky politician who became the eight Speaker of the House. You know, they compared my campaign to Andrew Jackson…”

“Do not worry. We are starting on NAFTA very soon. I’ve only been there 52 days, right?”

“We will build a great, great border wall. You know, it’s already out to bid. Tremendous numbers of bidders. We will stop the drugs that are pouring into our country, and poisoning our youth and plenty of others. A lot of them are coming in from the southern border. Since the day of my election, we have cut illegal immigration at the southern border by 61 percent. And the courts are not making it easy folks.”

“The media doesn’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to talk about it. They were ignored by the consultants, they were ignored by Washington. They were not ignored by me. They were not ignored by you. As we speak tonight, we are finding the gang members, predators and killers, who are preying on our citizens. One by one they are being thrown out  of the country, and we will not let them back in. We will also work to protect our citizens from terrorism. The single best way to protect is to keep these foreign terrorists from entering our country in the first place. And we will stop radical Islamic terrorism. Not gonna let it happen. Not here.”

“Finally, we want a very big tax cut, but can not do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare. We are going to be working very closely with our leader Mitch McConnell to get that job done. Paul Ryan. Everybody. I have to thank them as we move towards the crucial House vote on Thursday. This is our long awaited chance to finally get rid of Obamacare. It’s a long awaited chance. We’re going to do it. What’s the alternative? The alternative is what you have, is nothing.” (RELATED: Comey Confirms FBI Is Investigating Links Between Trump Campaign And Russia)

“I happen to like a lot Sen. Rand Paul. I like him. He’s a good guy. I look forward to working with him so we can get his bill passed in some form so we can pass massive tax reform, which we can’t do until this happens. We got to get it done, for a lot of reasons, but that’s one of them. It’s important to realize how we got to Obamacare in the first place. Thursday is our chance to end the Obamacare disaster. Then we get to tax cuts. Remember, we are going to negotiate and it’s going to go to the Senate, and back and forth. The end result is going to be wonderful. Once this is done, we are going to work on bringing down the cost of medicine by having a fair and competitive bidding process. The cost of medicine in this country is outrageous. Why? Same pill. Same manufacturer. You know why? Campaign contributions, who knows, but somebody is getting very rich.”

“And by the way, that Second Amendment is very, very safe right now,” Trump said. “I promised you. We are going to save the Second Amendment. It’s very, very safe. It would not be in good shape if certain other person won the election. And if they came to make a speech, 250 people would have showed up.”

“In our dealings with other nations, we will find a new era of cooperation and peace. We won’t be played for the fool, and we won’t be played for the suckers, any longer. Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood. We all salute the same great American flag. And we are all made by the same almighty God. As long as we remember these truths, we will not fail. Nobody, nobody can beat us. We are Americans, and the future belongs to us. The future belongs to you. This is your moment. This is your time.”