Tucker Grills Baltimore City Council Member For Comparing ICE Officials To Nazis [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tucker Carlson and Baltimore City Council Member Zeke Cohen angrily debated the role of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on Fox News Tuesday night.

The conversation hit a head when The Daily Caller founder asked Cohen why he stands by his comparison of ICE to pre-Holocaust Nazis, a claim he made both to Carlson moments before and to a local Baltimore newspaper on Monday.


“They’re enforcing laws that would have prevented this heinous crime, would you say that to the parents of this girl who was raped?” Carlson pressed. “These are Nazis, these Americans who are enforcing immigration laws. Why would you say something like that?” (RELATED: Two Charged In Rape Of 14-Year-Old Maryland Girl)

Before answering, Cohen extended his “fully sympathy to these parents. What they have been through is horrific.”

“To trot their crime out publicly is really kind of shameful, Tucker,” he continued. “The politics you’re engaging in is this Willy Horton style race baiting, umm, dog whistle, where we don’t blame entire groups of people for the heinous acts of a few.”

“Hold on,” Carlson shot back as Cohen began rambling about Dylann Roof. “I beg your pardon, Zeke. Slow down.”

“I’m not saying that all Hispanics are terrorists. I’m not saying anything like that. You’re the one who explicitly compared fed. immigration authorities to Nazis. Who’s using the dog whistle here? Who’s making demagogic statements? They’re Nazis? You’re calling fellow American citizens Nazis for enforcing federal law passed by Congress?”

You can watch the entire interview below.


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