Mook: Nunes Is ‘Trying To Obfuscate And Confuse’ Trump Tower Investigation [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Robby Mook stopped by MSNBC Thursday to discuss the claims House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes made Wednesday about the ongoing Trump Tower surveillance investigation.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager told host Katy Tur that he is “disappointed” that Nunes is “trying to obfuscate and confuse” before calling for his resignation as committee chair.


“Everyone needs to step back and realize how dangerous what the Russians did and think about what’s best for the country,” he continued. “I’m just really disappointed in all these folks.”

“It has gotten out of control,” Mook proclaimed. “As Senator McCain said, there is no credibility left, and every single member of Congress is at risk.”

“The Russians intervened in this election because Hillary Clinton spoke out against Vladimir Putin on his human rights record, okay? It should be really scary that anyone can be punished for doing that.”

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