Senate Intel Committee Requests Surveillance Docs Referenced By Nunes

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Senate Intelligence Committee members Jim Lankford and Angus King told reporters Thursday they did not receive the information that the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says proves surveillance of Trump campaign associates.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes announced Wednesday that Trump associates were not only surveilled but also identified by the federal government.

“We have asked all the agencies and the White House for whatever information they have to be able to bring that over,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Lankford told reporters at a press briefing when asked about the information Nunes discussed Wednesday. “We’re being very specific about that. So, yes, whatever information they have, if they have it, it should be a part of not only their committee, but certainly our committee as well.”

Nunes claimed the FBI has not been forthcoming with information about the surveillance and unmasking of Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

“The NSA is being cooperative,” Nunes explained, “but so far the FBI has not told us whether or not they’re going to respond to our March 15th letter which is now a couple of weeks old.”

The Daily Caller asked Lankford if the FBI has been cooperative with their committee’s requests for documents about leaks regarding the disclosure of Flynn during the surveillance of Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

“I’m not going to go to specific people — names on that. We’ve had meetings obviously with Director Comey. We’ve made requests to the FBI. We’re getting documents from all the intelligence agencies,” Lankford said.

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