Spicer: More Evidence Of CNN Collusion With Hillary Than Trump With Kremlin [VIDEO]


Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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There is more evidence that CNN colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign than there is that Donald Trump associates colluded with the Russian government, White House press secretary Sean Spicer asserted on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Spicer downplayed a CNN report from Wednesday that U.S. officials may have evidence that Trump associates possibly colluded with the Kremlin to release damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the presidential campaign.

“The last line of [the CNN report] said, ‘The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place,'” responded Spicer, who frequently battles with CNN over its reporting on Trump’s presidency.

“I think there’s probably more evidence that CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her debate questions than Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion,” he continued.

It emerged during the campaign that former CNN contributor Donna Brazile leaked debate and town hall questions to the Clinton campaign during the Democratic primaries.

Spicer continued railing against CNN’s report.

“That reporting is filled with a bunch of subjective terms about, ‘This person may have done this, possibly could have done that,’ and at the end of the story if you wade to the very bottom it says, ‘The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place,'” he said.


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