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LA Times: Leave Chelsea Clinton Alone

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Whenever life starts to get you down, whenever you feel like the troubles of the whole world are riding on your shoulders, take a moment to stop and remember the truly unfortunate among us. Those unlucky victims in our society who just can’t seem to catch a break. People like Chelsea Clinton.

Everybody’s making fun of Chelsea this week because she’s getting a “Lifetime achievement award” (as in Lifetime the cable network), and it’s mean. It’s just not fair. Ann Friedman, LA Times:

When it comes to accepting prizes for charitable contributions, Chelsea is in no way an outlier. Everyone in her income bracket has a shelf full of honors. Luncheon ceremonies are a way to publicly thank big-name benefactors, get them to show up to the event, and therefore attract other donors and media interest. Ivanka Trump, for example — just picking someone at random here — is no stranger to vanity awards. She has been honored by organizations such as the European School of Economics and the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s GOOD Awards. (Tagline: “Diamonds do good.”)

But Chelsea, like her mother, never gets a break — unlike Ivanka and her father…

Right? What’s up with that?!?

Noting that lefties don’t seem to care much for Chelsea either, Friedman continues:

Shouldn’t such first-daughter hatred be reserved for Ivanka? Wouldn’t [the left’s] attention be better spent on potential 2018 and 2020 candidates who have already declared their interest? Aren’t there bigger battles to fight — and aren’t they glad that such a prominent Democratic figure is registering her dissent with the current administration?

This is a good point. Chelsea and Ivanka are basically the same person. Well… except Ivanka has made some actual accomplishments. And she’s created things people actually want to buy. And people actually like her. Other than that, the two women are indistinguishable.

Maybe we should all leave Chelsea Clinton alone. Maybe she’s suffered en–

Nah, never mind. If Chelsea wants to play this game, if she wants a life in the public eye, she has to learn to take her lumps.

Step up your game, kid. The Democrats are counting on you, apparently.