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REPORTERS BEHAVING BADLY: IJR Implements Laughable ‘Communication Training’ For Bad Employees


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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IJR is now adding MANDATORY “communication training” as punishment for employees who behave badly. Not to be rude, but is this going to be a selfie seminar?

As first noted by Business Insider‘s Oliver Darcy, who has been reporting extensively on the shitshow going on inside IJR, here’s an internal memo that went out to employees. It arrived after all hell broke loose when the site published a story falsely claiming that a Hawaiian federal judge’s objections to President Trump‘s travel ban were somehow related to former President Obama‘s recent vacation to the state best known for its beautiful beaches, luaus and a famed Brady Bunch family vacation.

The employees responsible for the bogus aforementioned story include the site’s selfie-loving Creative Director Benny Johnson, reporter Kyle Becker and content editor Becca Lower, whose punishment amounted to an incredibly awful full day off work. The first two IJR staffers weren’t so lucky.

During the Brady family trip, Bobby finds a tiki idol and claims it as a good luck charm. Little does he know that Hawaiians believe that it’s actually evil. This is when bad things start happening. Greg has a surfing accident. A hotel tarantula nearly kills Peter. And finally, Alice screws up her back in a hula class.

The humiliating IJR memo details what punishments each journalist involved in the debacle will receive and why.

Somehow they avoided being publicly paddled.

The Mirror‘s final determination is as follows.

One of my coworkers put it best: “It sounds like it sucks to work at IJR.”