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Fearless Girl: Transphobic?

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Some troubling news out of Wall Street this morning. Is this 2017 or 1017?

Tony Venezia, NY Post:

City Hall announced Sunday that Mayor de Blasio has agreed to allow the bronze figure of a sassy pre-teen to remain on its spot until February of 2018…

“In her short time here, the Fearless Girl has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership and inspired so many,” the mayor said in a written statement. “Now, she’ll be asserting herself and affirming her strength even after her temporary permit expires – a fitting path for a girl who refuses to quit.”

Before you break your arm patting yourself on the back, Mr. Mayor, ask yourself this: Why are you assuming this statue’s gender?

Before you bigots make an ignorant assumption about someone’s gender, based on nothing more than xir outward appearance, how about asking first? Just because a statue wears a skirt, that doesn’t necessarily mean the statue conforms to your antiquated gender roles. That’s not how it works anymore. There are 31 possible genders in NYC alone. How do you know this statue isn’t a bi-gender or a femme queen or gender fluid, or maybe even third sex?

That’s right: You don’t. You have no idea. You couldn’t care less about anybody else’s feelings.

Even the name of the statue is a microaggression. Fearless Girl? Go back to the Dark Ages with that crap. It should be called Fearless Person Whose Gender Identity Is a Matter of Personal Choice, thank you very much.

We’re never going to progress as a society with this sort of disgusting transphobic bigotry on display in our major cities. Shame on Bill de Blasio, shame on New York City, and if you’re celebrating Fearless Girl PWGIIaMoPC today, shame on you.