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What Is National Concealed Carry Reciprocity?

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Violence in Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago are not the fault of a lack of gun laws. But if you try to carry a gun for self-defense in these cities you are the one likely to end up in jail. Even driving through New Jersey with a gun can land you in jail.

The Second Amendment doesn’t have a lot of confusing phrases, after all, it is only 27 words. 17 of those words are four letters or less. It is quite a plainly phrased fundamental right.

We have a patchwork of laws throughout the United States that no one person will ever know. Does your need for protection go away when you cross a line on a map? No. No it doesn’t. Do your rights vanish when you cross a line on a map even while staying in this country? Why yes, they do as a matter-of-fact.

Ideally, we would have constitutional carry which would would allow any law-abiding adult who can own a gun to carry a gun.

Absent of constitutional carry, national concealed carry reciprocity is the next best thing.

Here is what national concealed carry reciprocity is all about: