DNC Chair Perez Calls On All Staffers To Resign

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez requested the resignation letters of all current staffers Tuesday to be submitted by April, NBC News reported.

Although it is normal for a new party chairman to seek resignation of certain staffers, the full layoff of all staffers gives Perez the opportunity to rebuild the DNC with personnel loyal to him after a contentious battle during the 2016 primaries and DNC chairmanship race.

Following the election of Perez as party chairman in late February, Leah Daughtry, an adviser to former interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile, asked each employee to submit a letter of resignation dated April 15 numerous sources told NBC News.

Additionally, a committee is advising Perez on not only who should be fired, but also how the Democratic Party should be structured from the inside.

Since the the loss of the presidential election to Donald Trump, Democrats have been searching for ways to overhaul their campaign strategies and political organization for the future.

The party will now search to fill key posts supervised by around 30 members of the transition advisory committee.

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