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Today’s Designated Outrage: Bill O’Reilly Mocks Maxine Waters For Her ‘James Brown Wig’

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There’s a simple three-step process to tell whether any particular statement is racist. Here they are:

  1. Is the speaker white?

Okay, I guess it’s more of a one-step process. But that’s how you know. If a white person says something that you don’t like, it’s racist. You’ll never go wrong accusing a white dude of racism. Better safe than sorry.

Case in point is today’s designated outrage: Bill O’Reilly laughing at Maxine Waters for wearing a “James Brown wig.”

And so, of course:

It’s not just racist, but openly racist. That’s because Bill O’Reilly is white and Maxine Waters is black. (James Brown was black too, but that’s beside the point.) It doesn’t matter that O’Reilly went on to praise Waters’ sincerity. It doesn’t matter that he was “just kidding.” Too late for all that, white man.

Note that it’s okay for other white people to accuse a white person of racism. White folks get to be right sometimes.

If you want to insult a black woman’s looks, here’s how you do it:

Do you see what Redd Foxx did there? He cruelly mocked that woman’s looks without being white. Boom.

Sorry, white people. Rules are rules. But go ahead and cry your white tears.