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Bret Easton Ellis Goes Psycho On Barbra Streisand And Lena Dunham

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We’re all tired of liberals, and all they’ve done since Nov. 8 is ramp up the same behavior that cost them the election in the first place. It’s so bad that even the author of American Psycho himself has had enough of it.

Tim Molloy, The Wrap:

Bret Easton Ellis says “childish meltdowns” by Hollywood liberals who still can’t accept Donald Trump’s win are ruining his dinners out with friends — and even hurting his relationship with his boyfriend.

In a 35-minute monologue on his latest podcast, the “American Psycho” author says coastal elites who embrace the anti-Trump “resistance” are testing his patience. He talked about a ruined night out at Spago’s, and another dinner spoiled by a millionaire who was furious about “patriarchy.” He also called out Lena Dunham, Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep.

You think you’ve got problems? This is Spago’s we’re talking about!

In sum, Ellis says: “You are letting him win.” You don’t have to like Trump, and it would be pretty weird if you did, but you don’t have to let him define your life. If the same guy is causing Streisand’s weight gain and Dunham’s weight loss, maybe it’s not about him.

Keep in mind, Ellis is no fan of Trump. He actually made Trump the personal hero of Patrick Bateman. He knows all about Trump. It’s just that he isn’t freaking the f*** out about President Trump.

Sounds like he’s finally grown up!

And he gives the best advice I’ve seen yet for living in 2017 America:

“It’s time to get up, pull on your big-boy pants, and have a stiff drink at the bar,” Ellis said. “Because in the end, we share only one country.”

It’s time to #Resist… the urge to crap your pants over every little thing. Calm the hell down, America.

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