University’s Graphic Art Exhibition Just Another Shot At Trump

REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The student artwork on display at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s (UNC-CH) SAMple Gallery is not your typical college art show, even for this student-run “alternate arts space,” The College Fix reports.

Included in the show is a sketch of nude woman with her legs apart and menstruating on the floor.

Another is a painting of woman drowning in a bath beneath clenched fingers and a leering profile of a man who appears to be President Donald Trump.

The exhibition is entitled “Nasty Women” and it is supposed to be another response to the Trump presidency and to “increasing threats to the individual and collective rights and safety of all female-identifying folks.” According to the organizers, it’s a way to “demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman.”

It’s also raising money for Planned Parenthood, as the gallery’s Facebook page attests.

The show is part of another “Nasty Women” art exhibition now on display in New York City that serves “as a fundraiser to support organizations defending these rights and to be a platform for organization before the Trump Presidential Inauguration in January,” according to the city’s organizers.

The NYC gallery has collected artistic efforts from around the world that observers are expected to make a statement about how alleged female victimization enables nasty women to get even with men — who they perceive as threatening their rights.

UNC-CH junior student Adelle Bortz dismissed any expressions of shock or outrage over the graphic and vulgar depictions of women, telling potential critics to simply appreciate how the art represents women’s enslavement and how artists throughout history have  expressed similar sentiments.

But ultimately, it’s all about Trump.

“It’s become a battle for people that feel like their voices will be ignored under the patriarchy of the Trump administration,” Bortz told The College Fix.

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