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Over the past year, the Daily Dealer has made no secret of its love for Anker products. Anker is simply the best when it comes to tech accessories, so we work continuously to locate and share discounts on their products like chargers and battery packs. Recently, Anker announced a spin-off brand called Eufy to create top-of-the-line home life gadgets. And today we are excited to let you know that we got our readers an exclusive discount on one of their best products, a cordless vacuum cleaner called the Eufy HomeVac Duo. For the next week, you can get it half off with the code MRA59I88.

Normally $200, this vacuum cleaner is 52 percent off with this exclusive code (Photo via Eufy)

Normally $200, this vacuum cleaner is 52 percent off with this exclusive code (Photo via Eufy)

EUFY HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on sale for $95.99 with code MRA59I88

If you are like me, the first think you noticed is that there are zero customer reviews. That might raise an internal red flag. But it’s not what you think. Anker just recently launched its Eufy line, and they previously sold the vacuum as the “Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.” It’s the same vacuum, and it has hundreds of reviews. In fact, 68 percent of the reviewers gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, which leads to a quite impressive 4.4-star aggregate rating. You should check out the reviews yourself, but I think this one by Brian A. Compton accurately sums up the prevailing opinion about the HomeVac Duo in his review titled “Almost Perfect“:

First of all, this vacuum arrived so beautifully packaged, it shows someone put a lot of thought into it. The User Manual is minimalist because this vacuum is simplicity itself to put together. Only difficulty was when we plugged it in to charge there were no lights indicating anything was happening. On investigation we discovered there was a piece of plastic between the main upright and the hand vac which has the battery! Removed that and all was well.

What’s to love? Well, just about everything you could ask for in a small vac. The handle is very comfortable, it swivels so you can manipulate the brush head into difficult places, plus you can lay the handle down towards the floor, swivel and you can easily get under beds and furniture that may only be a few inches off the floor. What’s more, the brush head has lights! Great to illuminate what needs to be collected but not so great to see how really dirty your floors got before you decided to vacuum!! Our other vacs it wasn’t possible to clean the brush heads and fur would clog up behind them that you couldn’t reach. on this little vac you can easily remove the entire brush for cleaning. Perfect.

What would I wish they could improve? Emptying the canister is a little cumbersome. Our previous stick vac you just pushed one button which released the canister and pushed one more button to empty it. So simple and so easy. On this vac you have to first remove the filthy filter which proved difficult without shedding some collected material. Then you have to remove the filter housing to empty the canister. You now have three items in your hands, two of which are covered in dust, which makes it cumbersome and messy. So I’m hopeful they can redesign the emptying process.

The second thing I’d wish to be improved is the canister size. Our last one was more than twice as big but that was just a stick vac without the handheld so obviously the size of the handheld limits the canister size but I still think there’s room for some enlargement. Picky points really considering how well this vac does everything else. I would highly recommend this product.

I’ll tell you more about the HomeVac Duo right now, but customer reviews are always helpful. First of all, if you don’t have a cordless vacuum yet, I really don’t know what you are waiting for. At this point, they aren’t just the future – they are the present. There is no value in lugging a cord around your living room, which requires carefulness and agility in not tripping on it or vacuuming over it. Cordless is the way to go. And, specifically, the HomeVac Duo is the way to go, since its 24-minute battery life is nearly 10 minutes longer than the battery lives of its competitors in the marketplace. And it can even go a full 60 minutes on Eco Mode. (Since Anker made its name making battery products, it is no surprise that their vacuum’s lithium-iron battery outperforms anyone else’s.)

The HomeVac Duo isn’t just a cordless stick vacuum, as it also converts into a handheld unit that can be used pretty much anywhere. Look:

Photo via Eufy

Photo via Eufy

Photo via Eufy

Photo via Eufy

As you can see, the vacuum is complete with a dust brush and crevice tool, all of which fit snugly into the charging base when you are done using them. I want to draw special attention to the brush feature, do to this comment by a reviewer:

This is really a feature that sets this product apart from its peers! I am happy with all of the functions of this vac. The only thing I wish Anker did is clearly advertise this brush feature. I would have bought it weeks earlier, since this was my problem criteria. My decision would have been easier and quicker, instead of wasting weeks on research to make a decision.

Another benefit of the Eufy HomeVac Duo is that it actually folds in half, making it much easier to store.

Other benefits of the HomeVac Duo include its HEPA-style filter (which is washable and reusable) that easily traps microscopic allergy triggers and four headlights that can highlight dirt in dark, hard-to-reach places.

The HomeVac Duo would be a great vacuum for its normal $200 price. At under $100? This value reaches a whole new level. This deal runs for one week, so you can take advantage of the offer until Monday, April 3. If I were you, I certainly would.

You could even use it in your vehicle (Photo via Eufy)

You could even use it in your vehicle (Photo via Eufy)

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