DNC Chair Says GOP Doesn’t ‘Give A S**t About People’ — RNC Chair Demands Apology [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The Republican National Committee responded Sunday to comments made by DNC chair Tom Perez Friday, in which he claimed “Donald Trump didn’t win the election” and “Republicans don’t give a shit about people.”

“Chairman Perez’s comments are dangerous and undermine our democratic process,” RNC chair Ronna McDaniel wrote in a statement. “Perhaps Mr. Perez needs a lesson on how the Electoral College works but whether he likes it or not, Donald Trump is our president.” (VIDEO: DNC Chair Campaigns In NJ With Unhinged Rant On Trump, Republicans)


“He should be ashamed of himself for insulting the millions of Americans who don’t share his liberal vision for our country,” she continued. “The Democrats are the minority party because of comments like those, and if he thinks this is the way back from the wilderness, he’s sorely mistaken.”


“Mr. Perez should apologize and Democrats should denounce the rhetoric coming from the new leader of their Party.”

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