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Keith Olbermann Is Angry About Melania Trump’s Official Portrait

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Earlier today, the White House unveiled the official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump:

You might think this is just a routine bit of business from an incoming presidential administration. But you would be wrong, my friend. So very wrong.

You may not be sure how Melania is “billing us,” considering the fact that First Lady of the United States is an unpaid position. And you may not know which duties she’d be billing us for if she were billing us, considering she doesn’t actually have any duties. (No, Michelle Obama didn’t get paid to tell schoolchildren what to eat for lunch. She just likes bossing other people’s kids around.) But the point is…

Yeah, I dunno what the point is. Keith is just determined to be pissed off about everything at all times, I guess. He wanted Bill Clinton to be the First Gentleman, and he didn’t get what he wanted, so now he’s just going to pout.

Hi, Keith! As always, thanks for reading. Keep up the good work on your podcast, presumably.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)