Why Do Democrats Keep Forgetting The Election Results?

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On Monday, the Democratic Party announced that it had enough senators committed to filibustering Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the vacancy on the Supreme Court. This is of no real concern to Trump, Gorsuch or the Republican Party, since they can now do what the Democrats did when they controlled the government and confirm Gorsuch with a majority vote. The Supreme Court will feature Associate Justice Gorsuch sooner rather than later.

There is still one big question arising from this whole situation: Why do the Democrats keep forgetting who won the election? On the first Tuesday after the first Monday this past November, Donald Trump won the presidency and the Republican Party kept the House and the Senate. The country picked the GOP to govern. And one of the responsibilities of governing is replacing vacancies on the Supreme Court.

Democrats – both in Washington and the rest of the country – may need reminding about who won this past fall. This is a surefire way to remind them: a limited edition “We Won” T-shirt.

“We Won” Shirts — $20

A little over two months into the Trump presidency, it is very clear that the country needs help. A part of the country (mostly residing in cities and along the coasts) seems to have an unfortunate form of amnesia. They can’t remember that America chose President Trump. By getting one of these shirts, you can go a long way to reminding them.