Kendall Jenner Stars In Tone-Deaf Social Justice Pepsi Ad [VIDEO]

(Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

Davis Richardson Freelance Writer
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Kendall Jenner, a capitalist icon who makes millions of dollars in celebrity endorsements, has teamed up with socially conscious mega-brand Pepsi for this 2-minute ad to remind you that Pepsi is progressive and relevant and hip and not part of the corporate problem that has divided us as a country.

Better yet, Pepsi is the glue, the social stitching holding together the fabric of our democracy and political institutions. Without it, law and order would crumble as we tore each other apart in a Hobbesian state of nature fueled by class-warfare and party polarization.  


In the ad, something that exists and which numerous creatives signed off on, activists of all nationalities take to the streets to protest as “Lions” by Skip Marley plays. What they’re protesting, we’re not exactly sure, but it’s presumably a metaphor for Trump. Police stand by ready to knock these knuckleheads sideways. A man plays a cello for no apparent reason other than the art director decided to stick it in because it looked interesting.

But fear not! Kendall Jenner arrives from a photo-shoot just in time, ripping off a platinum blonde wig á la Clark Kent transforming into Superman, to offer police Pepsi and remind everyone that brands and products are really what bring us together. The shot evokes the now-iconic photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans being arrested in front of a police line in Baton Rouge – but instead features a gorgeous white supermodel who skyrocketed to fame after her mother capitalized off a best-friend’s murder.   

If only a Pepsi Brand Ambassador had been present in D.C. for Trump’s inauguration.

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