CNN Correspondent Criticizes Melania — Claims It’s ‘Not A Criticism’ [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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Michelle Kosinski called Melania Trump “stiff” and “uncomfortable” during a Wednesday appearance on CNN before assuring viewers that she wasn’t trying to criticize the First Lady.

“Michelle, I don’t know if you were at the State Department, or where that event was with Melania Trump from last week,” host Brooke Baldwin first posed to Kosinski, CNN’s senior diplomatic correspondent. “How did that go?”

“How comfortable is she at this kind of thing, and what more can you talk about about this visit with the Queen?”


“The entire conversation in that room was about Melania Trump’s appearance and, you know, how uncomfortable she seemed,” Kosinski replied. “It was very stiff. She was obviously reading with some difficulty — which you know is not her fault — from the teleprompter, but, you know, an extremely controlled, extremely scripted appearance.”

“It was a hugely emotional ceremony, but she was still kind of stiff throughout.”

“You know, that’s not a criticism,” Kosinski clarified. “It’s just that she’s obviously uncomfortable in these situations.”

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Hrand Tookman