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Joy Behar Cheapens Ivanka Trump By Comparing Her To A Candy Striper

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The ladies of ABC’s The View are incredulous that Ivanka Trump has any say at the White House.

After her interview on CBS “This Morning” Wednesday with Gayle King, they were in a complete uproar.

Joy Behar, the comedic co-host, was the most cutting.

“It’s like going to the hospital and having the candy stripers do the surgery,” she said in her no-nonsense tone. “That’s what’s going on here.”

Jedediah Bila, who admits she didn’t vote for President Trump, tried to see Ivanka in a positive light. “She stands on the right side of a lot of issues,” she said, fighting the onslaught of feminine rage during the show’s Hot Topics segment. “…She’s fighting right now for paid maternity leave. …He has to listen to her. …In my opinion, her being there, whatever she can influence, I’ve seen some good things come through.”

Whoopi Goldberg tried to take a instructive toward Ivanka, advising her on what she ought to say to her father. “HEY Dad, don’t touch this because this actually protects kids or LGBTQ people,” she said.

But Sunny Hostin wasn’t having it.

“Can we just call it what it is?” she asked. “This is pure and simple nepotism. Should she even be in the position? She’s the daughter of the President. Why is she in the White House?”

Aside from Bila, these female hosts mostly believe Ivanka, who has an office in the West Wing but isn’t a paid staffer, shouldn’t be there at all.

Ivanka may not have White House experience, but the ABC hosts can’t argue her educational cred.

She graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall, an East Coast boarding school that claims graduates such as John F. Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, as well as actors like Michael Douglas (Wall Street, The American President), Ali McGraw (Love Story) and HBO Billions star Paul Giamatti. She went on to study at Georgetown and graduated from Wharton with a degree in economics.