Stephanie Ruhle’s Emotional Response To Horrific Chemical Attack In Syria [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Stephanie Ruhle became visibly emotional while discussing the recent chemical attack in Syria on MSNBC Wednesday morning.

“I want to stay on Syria,” Ruhle said during the opening minutes of her broadcast. “That chemical attack, it’s part of a brutal six-year war where even hospitals — that’s right HOSPITALS — are being targeted.”

Stephanie Ruhle (Getty Images)

Stephanie Ruhle (Getty Images)

“I want to bring in Richard Engle, he’s NBC’s chief foreign correspondent,” she continued. “Gosh, I’m so upset looking at this.”

“He’s been reporting on this civil war since it began in 2011,” she continued while fighting tears. “Richard, this brutal attack goes on and on.”

“The U.S. at this point has one explanation, Russia has a different one. Please, from your perspective, what is going on?”


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