Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy Asks Don Lemon — ‘Are You Drinking Kool-Aid?’ [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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During an interview on Wednesday night, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy accused CNN’s Don Lemon of “drinking Kool-Aid.”

“Don, do you agree when the President’s private conversation with the Mexican President, and the Australian Prime Minister, classified documents were leaked within several hours of those conversations?” Ruddy asked in reference to President Trump’s leaked calls with Australia and Mexican leaders. “Do you agree that that was a violation?”


“Well what if it’s Mexico or Australia who leaked,” Lemon interjected. “You’re assuming that someone with a high-ranking position in the United States leaked that.”

“Some of those calls, those calls are actually, they’re actually memos of those calls,” he continued. “But you’re assuming that someone in the United States did that.”

Ruddy then asked, “Don…are you drinking Kool-Aid tonight? I mean really?”