Syrian Strike Has Trump On The Side Of His Political Foes

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

The Trump administration conducted airstrikes in Syria Thursday in response to a recent chemical attack which left dozens of civilians dead. This has President Trump on the side of political rivals, as supporters urged him not to engage with the Assad regime.

NBC News reported that U.S. military fired over 50 Tomahawk missiles in a strike against Syria. This came after Trump said, “something should happen,” and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson backed regime change. The president ran on a platform that rejected the interventionist policies of past, and even spoke on the campaign trail about the potential ills behind backing Syrian rebels.

A Trump administration official told The Daily Caller he was upset about the intervention in Syria.

Conservative author and avid Trump supporter Ann Coulter echoed this and tweeted, “I expected to spend this part of the Trump presidency tweeting that it’s legal to deport anchor babies not arguing [against] another Mid East war.”

One person who was supportive of a strike on the Assad regime Thursday was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She said at a conference that she believes the U.S. should “take out” President Bashar al-Assad’s air fields. Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol, a staunch supporter of the Iraq war and detractor of President Trump, also supported military action against the Middle Eastern nation.

“If Pres. Trump takes appropriate action against Assad this [Never Trumper] will of course support him. He’s the president, not merely ‘Trump,'” Kristol said on Twitter.

The strike on Syria also earned support from both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer said, “Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.” (RELATED: McCain And Graham Praise Trump’s Decision To Strike Assad)

In a tweet about the support Trump is getting, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham wrote, “When the [neoconservatives] & [establishment] media start praising [Donald Trump], he [should] start worrying.”

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