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At Long Last, SONOS Releases Long Awaited New Home Speaker System

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

Around Christmastime, we wrote about deals on the SONOS speaker system, which is pretty much a must-have if you do any serious entertaining in your house. (Or you watch a lot of movies. Or you listen to a lot of music. Or all of the above.)

For awhile now, there have been rumblings in the tech community about SONOS’s new product, the PLAYBASE, billed as an upgrade to SONOS’s popular PLAYBAR. Well, it’s finally arrived. This is the company’s first new speaker in a long time, and it serves a distinct purpose – a sleek, flat yet powerful speaker that sits underneath your television.

SONOS makes note of the fact that 70 percent of TVs sit on furniture. And although “televisions are getting bigger, thinner, and sounding worse, film and television mixes are becoming more complex and the result is that the sound experience in the home has the potential to be immersive and amazing, but often falls short.” The PLAYBASE offers open, natural sound, clear dialogue and immersive bass that promises to turn any space into a home theater.

After four years, SONOS has finally released their newest speaker, the PLAYBASE (Photo via SONOS)

After four years, SONOS has finally released their newest speaker, the PLAYBASE (Photo via SONOS)


The best part about the PLAYBASE is how seamlessly it integrates with your other SONOS speakers. With a SUB and two PLAY:1 speakers, you can create wireless 5.1 surround sound.

WATCH The PLAYBASE Bring “The Big Lebowski” To Life:

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