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Gun-Grabbing Ghouls Already Assigning Blame For Latest San Bernardino Shooting

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There’s been another shooting in San Bernardino, this time in an elementary school. There isn’t a lot of information yet, but that’s no reason to hold off on blaming the obvious culprits: the NRA and Donald Trump.

Take it away, highly paid gun-grabber Shannon Watts:

I see a picture of good guys with guns, responding to reports of a bad guy with a gun. Shannon Watts just sees guns. Scary, evil guns. And a chance to earn her paycheck. Within minutes of breaking news about a shooting anywhere in the U.S., she’s ready to spew out her usual talking points. Who cares about the facts?

While the rest of us watch and wait to find out what’s happening in San Bernardino, ever-vigilant vultures like Watts are busy exploiting the pain and suffering of others. She’s a bad person, but at least she’s ineffective.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)