Dem Congressman Floats A Conspiracy Theory On Live TV, Offers No Evidence [VIDEO]

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Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton floated a conspiracy theory on national television Monday night.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Moulton said the U.S. bombing attack on Syria “could very well be an attempt by the administration to get out from under the claim that they are colluding with Russia.”

Pressed repeatedly by Carlson, Moulton declined to provide any evidence for the claim, saying instead that “there are people who think that.” Throughout the interview, Moulton could not name a single person who ascribes to that theory.

“Are you saying, that this was part of an elaborate ruse, that in fact he was working with the Russians to divert attention from this diabolical conspiracy you’ve been alleging, that this was a Potemkin bombing, a fake bombing designed to fool the rest of this into thinking they’re not really in league with each other?” The Daily Caller co-founder asked.

“No, look, I didn’t say — confirm that as an explanation. I said that that is a believable, viable explanation, which is no different than what you’re saying,” Moulton claimed.

“I’m just saying there are people who think that, there are Americans who think that, and that is as logical an explanation as any as you’ve given for Trump not colluding with the Russians,” the congressman said when asked a third time to provide evidence for the conspiracy theory.

Pressed a final time, Moulton said, “Tucker, I threw that out as an alternative hypothesis. I didn’t say they were actually colluding with Russia. I’m just saying that maybe this is a way for them to say we are willing to stand up to the Russian regime.”

At no point in the interview did Moulton provide any evidence to support the conspiracy theory.


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