Financial Times Launches Ad Campaign To Stress Importance Of ‘Full Perspective’ In The News

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The Financial Times launched a new campaign Tuesday urging readers to trust their reporting, following in the footsteps of other legacy media who have launched similar efforts to rebrand.

The ad campaign encourages readers to read the Financial Times “for the full perspective,” according to the publication’s press release. The campaign features news items in black and white before showing the Financial Times’ signature pink brand in the effort to show that the publication can bring “clarity amid the complexity,” the press release said. Readers are encouraged to “think beyond” binary categories of black and white in their news intake, and to come to to the Financial Times for a more complete perspective.

“High-quality journalism is an essential service in today’s cluttered world of fake news and social media,” explained Andy Veasey, the creative director at Essence. Essence helped roll out the campaign with The Financial Times.

The Washington Post, The New York Times and other have changed their slogans in the aftermath of the election of President Donald Trump and the purported rise of “fake news.” (RELATED: The Washington Times Adopts A New Slogan For Trump Era)

The Washington Post now boasts the slogan “Democracy dies in darkness,” a nod to the fear some of their readers feel that democracy will be lost under a Trump presidency. The New York Times launched an extensive campaign, complete with the slogan “The truth is more important now than ever.”

The Wall Street Journal also joined in, using the slogan “The Face of Real News.”

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