Watchdog To Rep. Castro: Recuse Yourself From Russia Probe

Mary Lou Lang Contributor
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A Washington D.C.-based watchdog group is calling for Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro to recuse himself from the Russia probe after his remarks to the media indicated a “predetermined outcome” of the investigation.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust sent a letter on Tuesday to Castro asking him to recuse himself, and said in a media statement that his “troubling public comments” on CNN last week show “his partiality and severely undermines the investigative process.”

Castro in that interview stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised, after all is said and done, that some people will probably be charged, and I think that people will probably go to jail.” When asked to elaborate, Castro replied, “I wish I could, but I can’t at this time.”

According to FACT, his inability to elaborate was based on a lack of evidence or possibly on information obtained solely through his position on the ongoing U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Russian Active Measures investigation.

“Congressman Castro’s highly charged partisan remarks were irresponsible and a clear indication that he can no longer look into the Russia situation with any degree of partiality,” said Matthew Whitaker, executive director of FACT.

“If Representative Castro and his colleagues are going to throw stones from a glass house when it comes to member recusal, then for the integrity of our system of government and justice, he should do the right thing and step aside immediately,” said Whitaker.

In the letter to Castro, FACT said his comments were “deeply irresponsible coming form a sitting member of the House Intelligence Committee during an ongoing investigation.”

“A fundamental principle of Congressional investigation is that they will be conducted in a fair and objective manner. Your attempt to elevate your own personal political profile, at the expense of conducting a fair and impartial investigation, is the type of behavior that significantly erodes public trust in Congress and the investigative process,” FACT wrote to Castro.

The watchdog group told Castro he should follow Representative Devin Nunes’s “honorable decision and recuse yourself from this investigation.”

Nunes last week recused himself from the Russia probe after claims  that he could not be neutral in the investigation.

Castro did not respond to a request for comment by presstime.