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Why Was ‘Binders Full Of Women’ A Negative, Anyway?

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It was one of the defining moments of Election 2012. And to this day, nobody has ever been able to explain why.

I ask because those binders are back in the news today. Juliegrace Brufke reports:

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments on having “binders full of women” during the second presidential debate were a defining moment in the 2012 election cycle — and apparently they actually exist.

Romney mentioned the binders after he was asked about equality in the workplace, saying he had them while considering potential appointees for state positions while serving as governor of Massachusetts. The binders actually exist and were recently given by to the Boston Globe by a Romney aide.

So there really were binders. Actual, physical binders. And they were filled with hundreds of resumes from women applying for jobs with Romney. And that’s bad because… um…



Can anyone, anywhere, explain once and for all what was so bad about “binders full of women”? Did you think he had actual women trapped in giant binders? Did you think he was mistakenly saying he had actual women trapped in giant binders?

Or are you just a bunch of dishonest morons?

Well, you had your chance. We could’ve elected Romney, and by now we’d either have his second term or… I dunno, Hillary? Bernie? One of the other leading lights of the Democratic Party? Either way, Trump wouldn’t be in the picture. If you don’t like what’s happening now, too bad. You did this.

Oh well. At least you had fun being outraged and/or amused by those binders. Even if you could never explain why.