I Never Realized Just How Much Of My Personal Information Was Online

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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How careful are you about protecting your personal information? I thought I was at least moderately careful, but then I signed up for ManageYOURiD. How wrong I was.

ManageYOURiD is a useful (and in today’s digital climate, I’d argue necessary) service that assesses your risk profile and goes so far as to actually REMOVE all your private data out on the web. Did you know that there are dozens of websites committed to mining your info and selling it? And I’m not just talking about your phone number (which of course they have). I’m talking Date of Birth, Home Address, Relatives Names, Political Affiliate, Criminal Record, Financial Records, and even more. (RELATED: Involved In A Data Breach? What Every Consumer Needs To Know)

When I got ManageYOURiD, I was shocked to find that my risk profile was MEDIUM. I thought it would be lower. After all, I don’t have a mortgage or liens. I’ve never made a political donation or been party to a lawsuit. Doesn’t matter. The info that is out there on me sure is out there. Or at least it was. ManageYOURiD found all the places online where my data appeared and allowed me to opt-out. Just like that. If I didn’t have ManageYOURiD, I would have to go to all these sites – Radaris and Lookup and PeopleFinder.com et cetera et cetera – and appeal to opt-out. And even then, each appeal would take months. More likely, if I didn’t have ManageYOURiD, I would just let my information float around on the Internet for anyone who wanted it.

Try ManageYOURiD today. Don’t leave yourself unprotected.

ManageYOURiD is protecting me in a way that I just couldn’t on my own. And the best part is – ManageYOURiD never stops. I get an activity report everyday, updating me on the status of my removal requests and showing me any new sites that decided to mine my data. That’s my queue to start opting out again.

You can read more about ManageYOURiD here.

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