Right-Wing Blogger Threatens Legal Action Over Berkeley Instructor’s Vile Insults

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Mike Cernovich, a right-wing blogger and self-declared self-help guru, has declared that he will zealously pursue criminal and civil claims against a University of California, Berkeley employee who sent him a Facebook message filled with vile insults.

Cernovich believes the Facebook message constitutes a “rape and death threat,” reports The College Fix.

The Cal Berkeley employee, part-time trumpet instructor Ellen Seeling, contacted Cernovich via Facebook because he has previously suggested that “date rape does not exist” and is “basically impossible.”

Seeling did not exercise tact.

“I think that you’re the prick who claims date rape doesn’t exist,” she wrote.

“If yes, fuck you up the ass with a poisoned broomstick cocksucker. We shit in your mouth. Swallow it and die woman hater. I feel bad for any woman who makes the mistake of spending time with your sorry ass. I bet your wife hates your guts, just like so many of us.”

Cernovich, who has written several essays about the virtues of masculinity, responded with a YouTube video describing himself as “very shaken up” and “very triggered.”

He called Seeling’s message a “rape and death threat.”

Seeling’s wife, Jean Fineberg, told The College Fix that Seeling “did a bit of a search on” Cernovich “and came up with lots of stuff.”

Especially enraging to Seeling was this 2012 tweet by Cernovich: “After abusing a girl, I always immediately send a text and save her reply.”

A UC Berkeley spokesman has indicated that Seeling will face no consequences for her torrent of Facebook insults.

Seeling is not a professor but only “a part-time trumpet instructor,” the university spokesman told the Fix. Thus, Seeling “does not speak for or represent the perspectives and positions of the University.” She made her Facebook remarks “as a private citizen.”

Cernovich, who was recently highlighted in a “60 Minutes” special on fake news for his promotion of the pizzagate conspiracy theory, does not accept this explanation. He said on Monday that he is “ensuring that the lawyers currently involved in litigation at UC Berkeley maintain apprised of her behavior and the university’s response.”

He believes Seeling’s Facebook message could be part of a larger “pattern or practice of ignoring crimes committed by left-wing faculty members.”

“The police may not selectively enforce the law based on a person’s political ideology,” Cernovich also said, according to the Fix. He referenced the riot in Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to speak.

Authorities in Berkeley “had better enforce the law or they will face dire consequences,” Cernovich fulminated.

Seeling, a noted jazz musician, frequently opines on social media. She has described herself on Facebook as “a butch lesbian.”

On Sunday, Seeling changed her Facebook account settings to private.

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