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SNL Star Glenn Thrush Loves Daily Caller Parties

Screen shot/MSNBC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fake News alert: NYT reporter Glenn Thrush appeared at a Newseum forum on the media Wednesday morning and hailed The Daily Caller‘s Christmas Party as the best party he has attended all year.

He appeared on a panel to discuss covering President Trump‘s White House.

Things got heated when Breitbart White House reporter Charlie Spiering got into it with CNN’s Jim Acosta and AP‘s Julie Pace while discussing reporters lunching and partying with the politicians they cover.

So Thrush tried to lighten things up by noting his own ability to reach across the aisle: “The best party I have been to in the last year is The Daily Caller Christmas parties,” he said.

Except there’s just one problem: Thrush didn’t attend The Daily Caller‘s 2016 Christmas Party. He was, however, spotted at the The Daily Caller‘s 2017 Inauguration Party at the Hay Adams hotel in January.

Maybe it was the booze talking?

But hey, it’s OK. We’re just glad he enjoyed whatever party he thinks he attended.

If you want to watch Thrush extend an olive branch, see here and go to the 30:54 mark.

Though Thrush may not always enjoy the publication’s coverage of him as a Hillary Clinton sympathizer, we appreciate his compliment and ability to laugh and joke with TheDC‘s reporters.

In early February, Thrush was impersonated on Saturday Night Live. While he may not have initially liked it, it has grown on him. In the skit, his character, played by Bobby Moynihan, got into a skirmish with Melissa McCarthy‘s ongoing spoof of White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer.

On a more serious note, Thrush severely criticized Spicer, saying he has seen a “diminishment” of the briefing room in the past three months. He recalled the White House press secretary first act of “shouting” at the press and “refusing to take questions” after Spicer was irate over the coverage of Trump’s Inauguration crowd size.

Screen shot/C-SPAN/Newseum.

“We have seen a series of missteps,” Thrush said. “…The level of information and the quality of information we’re receiving during these briefings is not up to the standard of what we believe ought to be in the briefing room. …We have been on the receiving end, many times, of lectures of what we need to be doing professionally. I would encourage him and communications staff of the White House to do the same.”

Note to Thrush: We’ll make sure you’re on the list for our next shindig. And then we’ll remind you which party it is.