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Afternoon Mirror: A Spicy Week In Washington Politics

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“If I tell you I made a dish a little too spicy…it’s a little too spicy.”

Rick Wilson, GOP-leaning columnist for The Daily Beast. Read into it what you will.


Too soon? 

“Attendant on my Southwest flight tells passengers: ‘We’re going to need four passengers … just kidding.'” — Doug Haller, sports reporter, AZ Central.

Washington reporter loses sleep because of honking train 

“Oh great, a night of track work 75 feet from my bedroom where they follow Federal Railroad Administration regulations will be honking twice all night long.”

The Weekly Standard‘s Jim Swift, who, after being questioned on the matter, told The Mirror, “Yeah, admittedly it wasn’t that bad for me because I was up late anyway, but my neighbors (we live in a building overlooking end of Yellow Line) heard the horns and the track work all night. …Suppose horns are better than trains idling with the conductor telling customers (pointlessly) ‘This train will be moving forward momentarily.'”

Naval War College prof has no opinion on mother of all bomb drops in Afghanistan







Spicer gets ribbing from a PR exec 

“Professionally speaking, @seanspicer must have graduated from @united‘s PR training academy. #WTF” — David Oates, founder of Stalwart Communications, a PR agency in San Diego.

Spicy gets support from an ex-White House flack 

“Sean made a bad mistake today. And he apologized for it. It should not have been said. But please, don’t assume the worst about him.” — Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary to George W. Bush.

Horror author guts Spicer as reflection of Trump’s administration 

“But seriously–Spicer’s level of lazy ignorance is representative of the whole Trump administration, starting with Golden Boy himself.” — Stephen King.

The Observer

“Jeff Zucker is turgid as fuck right now.” — John Stanton, senior national correspondent, BuzzFeed. Synonyms for turgid: overblown, bombastic and pompous.

Overheard in the newsroom: Get your hands off my chips! 

“I don’t want your sweaty ass greasy fingers on my chips.” — Anonymous news outlet staffer.

Have you heard something crazy in your newsroom lately? Tell me about it at Anonymity guaranteed. 

Ex-Breitbart reporter dings site’s White House reporter for not being more combative toward CNN’s Jim Acosta at Newseum media forum 

Charlie Spiering is Breitbart News’ White House correspondent. You can watch a video of the conversation here

“Dude, come on, Spiering. I would have laid into this dude so hard he’d be in a psychiatric hospital by the end of it.” — Patrick Howley, The American Spectator.

Mirror Hate Mail: NYT columnist grows more sensitive about his hair 

“What a joy to be informed by a white person that one is being a baby about race and Othering. Racism festers in the spaces some don’t see.” — Anand Giridharadas, who reacted to my story about his Twitter fight with WaPo‘s Dave Weigel by accusing me of “Othering” him.

Uh oh: Watch your backs everybody 

“I’m in the hospital. I will return your call ASAP. Be patient and stop calling me.” — Christian Josi, columnist, HuffPost.

He explained:

“For those of you who’ve been following my saga of the last several days, I figured it out. I wasn’t poisoned or roofied. A certain chain drug store gave me the wrong prescription about a week ago. What I thought was a mild blood pressure drug was actually something entirely different. Life lesson: pharmacy mistakes happen. Keep an eye on your shit.”

The Onion: Sean Spicer gets his own spokesman 

“Sean Spicer has been given his own press secretary to answer the media’s questions about his controversial statements.” — The Onion, explaining that the new male aide will have his own briefings after the regular White House briefings to explain the original briefing.

FNC’s Howard Kurtz praises Spicer for his apology tour 

“Sean Spicer apologizes for his Assad/Hitler comment, says it was inexcusable & a mistake, asks for forgiveness. Good to own up to it.” — Howard Kurtz, media reporter, Fox News.

Deep Thought Of The Week 

“Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives.” — the Daily Oscar Wilde Twitter feed.

GOP congressman gets shouted at by his constituents 

“Republican Congressman Andy Biggs signs off from tough AZ town hall with constituents yelling at him ‘YOU ARE NOT EINSTEIN!'” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

‘You lie!’ congressman Joe Wilson gets dose of his own medicine 





— a headline from Shareblue.

Journo says he was discriminated against because he’s white 

But it’s all good. 

“This was my life February 2010-June 2013.

*can’t afford over priced college with scholarship because white male.
*plays poker in Indian casinos on weekends.
*moves off campus worried about being robbed due to cash.
*converts poker cash to bitcoin. It’s only a dollar per coin right?
*forgets about it and puts bitcoin on hard drive of old computer.
*rediscovers old computer with lots of bitcoin purchased at low prices.
*notices bitcoin prices at $1188. I bought from $1 to $20.

Conclusion: The best thing that ever happened to me financially was being discriminated against because I’m white.”

GotNews EIC Charles C. Johnson.