The Asians Sure Know How To Make Knives, Including This $75 Off Utility Knife

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Asians are good at knives. Everybody knows that. If you see a kitchen knife with Japanese symbols on it, you immediately think it’s high quality. I’m 99 percent sure people buy Santoku knives for their kitchens just because of the word Santoku. (At least at first; after you’ve gotten one, you know that their slicing, dicing and mincing skills make them a must-have).

So I’m already predisposed to be a fan of this Shun Kanso utility knife. It says Kanso is “a design principle influenced by Zen philosophy; It means ‘simplicity,’ but simplicity achieved by eliminating the non-essential.” Maybe that’s true, but it could mean chicken fried rice and I’d still be impressed.

There are actually serious reasons to like this “beautiful multi-tasking blade—from its sharp tip, which can be used to peel ginger, to its long, straight edge, perfect for portioning meat.” Also, it is currently $75 off.

Normally $175, this utility knife is 43 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $175, this utility knife is 43 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Shun SWT0767 Kanso 7-Inch Asian Utility Knife on sale for $99.95

Every single customer review on this knife is positive, leading to its aggregate score of 4.8 out of 5. Now, that could be attributable to a small sample size: Of its eight total reviews, seven have given 5 stars and one was merely 4 stars. But they are really, really positive.

debs11 says this is “The Best Knife Ever“:

I never knew what a sharp chop knife was until I spent the money on this Shun utility knife. If you cook a lot (or don’t but want a good solid Japanese made knife), take the challenge and spend the money. You need to read the directions to be able to use it correctly, since one doesn’t slice with this knife but uses it “locomotive” style. Super sharp, made cutting scallions, potatoes, onions, carrots fun and easy. Also do not put it into the dishwasher, hand wash and let air dry to preserve the intense sharpness of this knife. I will definitely purchase another Shun knife.

The other reviews are all in that vein. Keep up the good work, Asian knife-makers.

Keep up the good work (Photo via Amazon)

Keep up the good work (Photo via Amazon)

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