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Bombing Terrorists Is Bad, Except When Obama Does It

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Or so I’m told. A whole lot of people didn’t have anything to say about all the bombs we dropped in Afghanistan between 2009-2016, but now they’re really concerned that the U.S. dropped a MOAB on some ISIS scumbags.

How’d that turn out, anyway? Tristan Lejeune, The Hill:

The Afghan Ministry of Defense said Friday that 36 ISIS fighters and no civilians were killed when the U.S. dropped a massive bomb on a militant tunnel complex the day before, according to reports…

On Thursday, President Trump hailed “another successful event,” saying he was “very, very proud” of the military.

When he’s right, he’s right. And this time, he’s right. Taking out dozens of ISIS guys and zero civilians is the definition of a successful event.

It’s actually okay to be glad when the U.S. military does something good, even if you didn’t vote for the current president. It’s okay to be glad that none of those ISIS monsters will ever cut off anybody’s head again, or burn anybody alive in a cage again, or stone a woman to death for talking to a man again.

It’s okay to be glad that the bad guys just took one in the teeth, even though it happened on Trump’s watch and not Obama’s. Or Hillary’s.

It really is okay.

MOAB 1, ISIS 0. That’s 2,592 heavenly virgins, comin’ right up!

P.S. This is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is worried about those poor terrorists. Don’t be Elizabeth.