This Sheriff Wants Trump To Drop The MOAB On Mexican Drug Cartels

REUTERS/U.S. Air Force photo/Handout

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The sheriff of an Ohio county plagued by drug overdoses wants President Donald Trump to drop the “Mother Of All Bombs” on Mexican drug cartels.

“I have been saying this for 10 years. Enough is enough,” Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones wrote on Twitter on Friday, adding that the MOAB can be “used on [the] Mexican drug cartel.”

“These are good days ahead,” Jones concluded.

Almost 200 people died of drug overdoses in Butler County last year, making it the county’s leading cause of death. Earlier this year, the county saw five drug overdoses in the span of 26 hours.

The MOAB is the U.S.’s largest non-nuclear bomb and has a blast radius of up to one mile in every direction. The U.S. dropped the MOAB on an ISIS training camp on Thursday — the first time the bomb had been used in combat. (RELATED: Afghans ‘Thought The End Of The World Had Come’ After MOAB Strike)

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