Conservative Conference Threatened By Heavily-Armed Muslim Man

AK-47 (Credit: Shutterstock)

Jim Simpson Contributor
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A conference held on April 9 on Christian and conservative issues in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was threatened by a Muslim man carrying multiple firearms. He attended the conference and posted numerous videos on his Facebook page, including a display of the multiple assault-style rifles, pistols and ammunition he was carrying on his person and in his van.

He has not been arrested.

The man, Ehab Jaber, posted numerous Facebook videos of himself both in the event and in his van in the event parking lot. In his van he shows off all his weapons, saying:

“And now if you want to really be scared…” he lifts up an AK-47 style rifle and says, “be scared.”

He then puts it down and reveals two handguns hidden on his person and others in the van, after each one saying, “be scared.”

He then takes an assault-style AR-15 variant out of its case and says, “Be f***ing terrified.”

In the next video he expresses exasperation that the conference organizer is just “capitalizing on everybody’s f***ing fears so he can sell f***ing books… you f***ing people believe anything.”

He then says, “I’d better get the f*** out of here before the cops come…” As he is driving out of the event parking lot, he pans the crowded lot. He says “Holy s**t! White America is f***ing terrified man!”

Worldview Weekend is a Christian radio program that has held regular conferences around the country since 1993. The Sioux Falls conference was the first in a series of five held between April 9 and April 14 in South Dakota and Wisconsin. Worldview Weekend producer and radio host Brannon Howse said that after seeing the video, police were put on high alert.

“We were told by the police in Green Bay that the FBI had put out a warning to the different Homeland security Fusion Centers in the various cities [where] we were going to be. In Madison they put 4 to 5 cars around the event facility without us even asking,” Howse told The Daily Caller.

These conferences featured Shahram Hadian, a former Iranian Muslim whose family fled his native country. Today he is a Christian pastor. Shahram’s Sioux Falls presentation was titled, “Sabotaging America: Islam’s March Toward Supremacy.”

Howse gave his own presentation, “The Growing Global Persecution of Christians,” where he describes how “Islamic Centers, Neo-Marxists, Neo-Evangelicals, the Vatican and globalists are working together to subvert our immigration laws and transform America.”

TheDC asked Howse why he is just reporting this now. He said, “I was in five cities in five nights and we didn’t want to stir up more protests or scare people away. I wanted to get home and be safe first and not bring out the more crazy people that would threaten our conference or my family.”

Howse said that an event in Rapid City featuring anti-Islam speaker Bill Federer was recently cancelled, and that Howse has had to spend “thousands of dollars in security for free conferences.”

“That seems to be the new MO that will put many conservative groups out of business of holding events,” the organizer said. “Through intimidation the Muslims are attempting to shut down free speech. And they’re winning!”

The Sioux Falls Police Department was reached for comment about Jaber’s video and the police response. South Dakota allows open carry and Sioux Falls police officer Sam Clemens said that Jaber had a concealed carry permit as well.

“He was approached by police while in the event, and acknowledged that he was carrying weapons,” Clemens told TheDC. “The police informed him that firearms were not allowed in the event and was asked to leave. He complied.”

Clemens said that representatives of the FBI and South Dakota police subsequently interviewed Jaber and determined that he had not broken any laws. TheDC asked the officer if any motive had been established for what was nonetheless a clearly provocative action. Clemens said Jaber had told police he was unhappy with the speaker that the event had invited.

Jim Simpson